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Today’s book is the first of a series, and introduced me to my forever book bae, Jaylin Jerome Rodgers. Thank you @brendahampton_1.

Jaylin Jerome Rogers, an investment broker worth millions, lives a high-class life with plenty of women to share it with. Nestled in his lavishing home in Chesterfield, Missouri, he captures women with his wealth, charm, nine-plus inches of goodness and amazingly good looks. Although his bed is never empty, his heart is. He feels nothing for the women who love him dearly and continues his search for the “perfect” one. When Scorpio Valentino, an attractive, seductive and charming woman saunters into his view, she offers Jaylin a life of altering changes. Her intention is to make his life a living hell, however, Jaylin is not about to take the fall. Surprisingly, soon, love presents itself. Not for the women in Jaylin’s life, but he experiences love through becoming a father to Scorpio’s five-year-old daughter, Mackenzie. She’s his guardian angel and is there for Jaylin through the tough times he’s bound to face.


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Repost from @navirobbins:


Swearing loudly, Patrick snatched up all the photos on the table and stood up shaking his head.
“I thought you were smarter than this. You animals love being locked away in cages. So be it. I’ll get you your lil lawyer. But I’m telling you right now, I will make sure the DA prosecutes you to the fullest extent of the law. You won’t get out until you need a walker.”
Detective O’Neil then walked towards the door. Right before walking out the door, he looked back at Zahir and growled, “stupid nigger” and slammed the door behind him.
As soon as he was alone, Zahir exhaled and begin to breathe aggressively. He’d been holding his breath in an attempt to keep himself from losing his composure. From his racist rants and threats to those he cared for, the detective pushed his emotional control to its limits. As he tried to steady his breathing, Zahir could hear the echo of a familiar laugh outside the interrogation room’s door.
Wait a minute, ain’t no fucking way!
The door swung open and Cain walked through the door smiling, followed by Detective O’Neil and CPD superintendent, Brian Brown. They all seemed to be enjoying each other’s company as if they were “day ones” having a good laugh at Zahir’s expense.
What the fuck?
Looking at Zahir with pride, Cain said, “I told you this one was special.”
Nodding in agreement, the superintendent responded, “Yeah, you were right. Cause Patrick laid it on thick, didn’t he?”
Suddenly, Cain seemed to be searching his memory as his eyes moved back and forth. Without warning, he reached for Patrick’s head and forcefully slammed his head on the metal desk. He then placed his forearm on his neck and leaned all of his weight on the detective’s neck. Patrick squealed in horror as he felt himself suffocating as his neck gave way to Cain’s weight. Zahir looked on in shock as he watched the violent exchange between Cain and the detective. As the detective groaned in pain from Cain’s weight slowly cutting off his airflow the superintendent did nothing to stop a known drug dealer from assaulting a detective in his presence.
Cain suddenly leaned down closer to Patrick’s ear and growled, “If I ever hear you call Zahir a nigger again, I will severe your head from your fat greasy Irish body, understood?”
Forcing himself to respond before he passed out, Patrick whined, “Yes sir.”
Getting up while shoving the detective head across the table, Cain responded, “Good boy.”
Cain adjusted his peacoat jacket and pointed at Zahir and ordered, “Get them cuffs off my boy!”
The superintendent quickly sprung into action and scurried over to remove the cuffs from Zahir’s wrist. A few minutes later, while continuously apologizing for the inconvenience of his arrest, the superintendent and Patrick informed Zahir that the substance in his bag was in fact blue M&M candies instead of the suspected designer drug Xstacy. After handing the backpack to Zahir, the superintendent quickly escorted Cain and Zahir outside of the police station.





Shadow of A Jackal, coming summer 2021


Too-real is one of the biggest street hustlers in New York City. He is both respected and well feared, but when he’s forced to choose between staying true to his morels and risking the freedom of his mother; Too-real must make life defining choices. Will he make it out with his dignity intact, or will he fall victim to the federal government’s tactics?

In the game of chess one must out think his opponent and stay ten steps ahead. Will Too-real be able to out maneuver his enemies, or will he be checkmated?


*Deal of the Day*


Corporate attorney Hannah DuPont-Lowell always pictured herself returning to New Orleans to retire—just not yet. But after her Manhattan company abruptly lays off its staff, there’s no better place to figure out a next move than the porch of her plantation-style home, nestled in the stunning Garden District . . .

The DuPont House has been in Hannah’s family for two centuries. With eighteen rooms and two guesthouses, it’s far more home than widowed Hannah needs. Still, it could make a wonderful inn, especially if she can convince her friends and former coworkers Tonya, Jasmine, and Nydia to join in the venture. But in the meantime, Hannah has a high school reunion to attend . . .

College Professor St. John McNair, Hannah’s one-time classmate, is still the finest guy in any room. Between Hannah’s willowy, blonde beauty, and his uncanny resemblance to Marvin Gaye, they make a striking pair. And gradually, their rekindled friendship moves toward romance. Still, Hannah is too bruised by her late husband’s infidelities to trust a man again. But her friends’ arrival and encouragement just might show her a path through uncertainty—straight to a vibrant, joyful new life . . .


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*Book of the Day*

Today’s book comes from @authorbwsmith.

Wood Mercer, a single father, works two jobs so that his only child, Ryan, can grow up in the suburbs of Dallas, TX. Wood has a lot of financial stress on him, but he has an everyday challenge that trumps the pile of bills in his mailbox…living in his predominantly all white neighborhood.

Wood has been racially profiled numerous times by the police and insulted by neighbors who question why he’s living in their community. The incidents – along with emotional baggage from his childhood – has left a bad taste in his mouth. Nevertheless, he deals with it all because he feels the suburban lifestyle (i.e., the schools, lack of crime, etc.) is better for Ryan. Still, the experience has hardened his heart and made him prejudice toward white people.

Things get more stressful for Wood after Ryan graduates high school and attends college. Sensing Ryan wants more freedom, Wood agrees to let him live on campus. But Ryan’s new found freedom brings out a new set of challenges for Wood. Ryan gets a new girlfriend…a white girl who admits that her father is a bigot.

The Delusion of Inclusion takes a look into the world of the black middle-class in a way that’s rarely done. In particular, the novel delves into how suburban raised black Millennial’s often are more comfortable with associating with non-blacks and have a different perspective on racial issues than their “inner-city” raised parents.

Laced with thought provoking truths, biting humor, and yes, the plot twists that bestselling author Brian W. Smith has become known for, this is a novel you will have a hard time putting down once you start reading. It is the kind of novel that will have readers debating long after they finish reading it.

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Repost from @iamelissagabrielle:

Peace In The Storm Publishing will publish a new Triumph of My Soul Anthology that will release in late 2021.

Stories are by women for women on how you were able to overcome adversity and reach your own personal breakthrough in life. Stories are limited to 5,000 words or less.

Identify the struggles.

Triangulate those struggles and how they showed up in your life.

Identify the breakthrough.

Moving forward in victory.

Please, no sugar-coated, watered down stories.

The anthology will be compiled with the most powerful and riveting stories that are designed to help someone else to their own personal victory.

Deadline is May 31, 2021.

Email submissions to elissagabrielleentertainment@gmail.com.

Send headshot and bio and how you intend to help promote the anthology.


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💥These eBooks are now longer on Hoopla. They’ve been added back to KU and will be FREE on 4/14-18/2021‼️💥

-Ruthless Behavior



-If You Ever Did Me Wrong… Don’t Trust Me



-Black Husband White Wife



-Married Men Only



-Anything To Get Rich



-Secrets Among Friends



From author Anna Black comes A Street King’s Daughter, a new, enthralling urban romance standalone. This gripping novel is full of deceit, new love, heartbreak, and loads of drama.


Melody ‘Mel’ Hunter is ready to trade in her gun and heels for a house in the burbs and a minivan. Tired of wearing the crown of Street Princess, this vivacious beauty is ready to be someone’s Mrs. and get out of the game. Holding down the throne for her father’s empire was cool at first, but since she is approaching thirty, she wants what most women want. To fall in love.


Luca Green is single, handsome, and on his very own mission to get close to Melody Hunter. His desire to have her goes way deeper than just her beauty and status. He has a few tricks up his sleeve to get exactly what he wants, but will he ultimately get what he deserves?


TaKari “Kari” Jacobs is a sexy doctor, who is Melody’s childhood friend. For as long as he can remember, he has had a crush on Mel, but he never made any moves while they were kids. After seeing her years later, he knows that his feelings were more than a crush. Finally, an opportunity to have her is all his, but is love strong enough for him to set aside her lifestyle? Or will a street king’s daughter be too much for him to deal with?




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Book Review: Role Play by Tu-Shonda L Whittaker

California Governor Montgomery ‘Monty’ Fields III, thrives off of control, and no one is exempt…friends, family and foe. Things begin to unravel when he realizes that he doesn’t have as much control as he thinks, and his childhood demons rear their ugly head.


First Lady Ellaina ‘Elle’ Lockhart-Fields is a doting wife and mother, who is living a secret life…one that has haunted her since her teens. Is her secret worth the fire that she’s playing with?


Brooklyn Pryce is a single mother and the governor’s mistress, who meets someone that can offer her everything he can’t. But leaving may not be as easy as she thinks.


This book is full of secrets, drama, scandal and malice. This page-turner addresses social issues that may be considered taboo, but will leave the reader wanting more. I highly recommend this 💎💎💎💎💎read by @tushonda.


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Secrets to Healing and Wholeness

Can you present your hurts and failures to  God without shame?

In this classic bestseller, Bishop T.D. Jakes brings encouragement that casts out the fear of vulnerability before God. When you can stand before God, unashamed, you can receive the healing He freely offers.

From the pain of a sick body to the sadness of a dying relationship, from the crushing blow of betrayal to the mental torment of reliving past mistakes—God longs to set you free and release cleansing rivers of mercy, forgiveness, and restoration into every hurting part of your life!

Discover how to:

• Rest in God’s healing power as you honestly give Him your pain, fear, and hurt.

• Live your life with confidence because you’ve learned how to break the power of guilt and shame.

• Boldly access the power of Jesus’ blood and apply it to every area of brokenness you are facing. 

When you open your failures and hurts to God, He will open the floodgates of healing over you!

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