Best Books of 2018

I read so many books this past year, but the following 14 touched me like none other:
1. Full Circle by @ayanaellis_official 

2. Broken Clocks by @authordanielleallen 

3. Love Lost by @lovebelvin 

4. Living Anonymous by @authorshatayasimms 

5. Perfect Peace by @drdanielblack 

6. The Book of Harlan by @bernicelmcfadden

7. The Wives We Play by @bcoleauthor and thewivesweplay 

8. War by @authortstyles 

9. Better Late Than Never by @kimberlalawsonroby 

10. Promised Land by @brendahampton_1 and @nikkimichelle1984 

11. The Perfect Love Storm by @annablack72

12. Commitment by @niaforrester 

13. Black by @joan.vassar

14. In Service To The Senator by @shakirrashaan 
I would like to these authors for sharing their gift with us and I’m looking forward to reading more from them. 

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