Book Review:Blue’s Beauty (Bluette Men Series)

Roman Bluette is a songwriter and man of the cloth, who is mourning the loss of his wife. His hurt and anger, result in him turning his back on God and the church. The day he decides to end it all is the day he accepts an invitation to church. A woman prays for him and essentially breathes new breath into Roman. Filled with new purpose and determination, love is the last thing on his mind, until…he meets Minister Zaneta Belle.

Zanetta Belle, has experienced tragedy in her short lifetime as well, but has found passion and purpose in being a personal stylist and now…ministry. Love has not been kind to her either, until…she meets Pastor Bluette aka Blue.

What starts off as a chance meeting, turns into so much more. A beautiful love story blossoms between Blue and Nette, and it is nothing short of amazing. I cried many tears reading this book. Each milestone in their relationship allowed me to learn things about myself and slowly chip away at the invisible wall surrounding my heart. No matter how much you’ve been hurt, don’t be afraid to give love another chance.

I also loved the underlying theme of brotherhood in this book. The next two installments of the Bluette Men Series allows the reader to step into the world of Ezekiel and Paxton, and I am so here for it!

I highly recommend this 💎💎💎💎💎 book by @authorbaileywest, and look forward to reading more.

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