Book Review: Please Save Me Before It’s Too Late by Lady Lissha

Solange met DeMarcus while in college, but shied away from dating him, because he was an athlete. After months of trying, he finally weighs her down and a relationship blossoms.

Upon graduation, DeMarcus is drafted to the New England Patriots and decides to take Solange along…as his wife. It seems as if the pressures of being a rookie athlete take a toll on him, and he begins to take it out on his wife. What started out as a slap, turned into full-fledged beatings.

Solange has the man,the house and the car, but she’s not truly happy. Her husband begins to isolate her from family members and friends, he refuses to let her work and wants her home waiting for him with a hot meal everyday. When she decides to get a life of her own, the physical abuse begins and only gets worse with time. She’s too embarrassed to tell her family and too afraid to leave. Inside she’s crying out for help and screaming “Please Save Me Before It’s Too Late!”

I definitely recommend this 💎💎💎💎💎read, but warn readers that it will have you in your feelings. The prologue nearly ripped my heart right out of my chest. This is my first book by @lady_lissa832, recommended for Domestic Violence Awareness Month by Lenika Winfield, but definitely not my last.

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