Book of the Day

Today’s book is a collaboration from @dspbooks and @candice_dow. I selected it, because this story is a perfect example of “a person not wanting you until someone else does.” Dwight and Tracey Wilson have a life that many people only dream of. They just moved into a new home with their two children and all seems well, until Dwight get a promotion at work…out of state. Tracey refuses to move and figures her lack of cooperation will force her husband to come back home.

Dwight is trying to adjust to his new job in a new state, minus his family. He tries everything in his power to convince his wife to join him…to no avail. And then, he meets Alicia, a single co-worker who sets her eyes on another woman’s husband. When she gets pregnant, Dwight proposes and they begin a new life…until Tracey decides she wants her husband back!

If you would like to purchase a copy for yourself or a friend, click the link below:

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