Book Review: A Christmas Kind of Love by Nikki Michelle and Kai Leakes

Blade Martyn returned to hometown Sojourner Falls for the holidays, because he received a letter from his brother Hunter. Upon his arrival, he finds out that a lot has changed and the town needs his legal help to get out of financial ruin. His mission was to get in, get it done and head back to LA. What he didn’t anticipate was a chance meeting with Grace and an encounter with the ancestors that will forever change his life.

I loved this feel good holiday collaboration by @nikkimichelle1984 and @kaileakes. The unique relationship between Grace’s grandparents was very intriguing, and a hint of Nikki’s style of writing. If I were to say anything else, it would simply be…more backstory on Hunter and Caridade. Unfortunately, I can only give it 💎💎💎💎, due to minor errors.

If someone is interested in a book to film idea…here’s your book!

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