Biggest Lie Ever Told: I Am Only Going To Buy One Book

How many times have you been near a bookstore and thought about your ever-growing pile of unread books at home, and tried to turn the other way? The more you think about it, the more that monkey climbs on your back, and sits on your left shoulder encouraging you to go take a peek. The longer you stand there (or sit in the car), the beads of sweat get bigger and bigger UNTIL… you lie to yourself (cause everyone else around you knows that’s it’s a lie), and repeat this phrase.🤥

What about the time your reading buddies have convinced you to try a “new author to you”, you decide to give them a try and and then find out they have a whole catalog? Once again, you lie to yourself and say “I just want to be sure I like them.”🙄

I’m not even going to mention a book sale, signing or event of one of your favorite authors, where you just happen to see that sequel you’ve been dying to read either on the table, or across the room.🤫

Speaking of book events, how many times have you stashed a little something extra…JUST IN CASE?🤔

If you are an avid reader, bibliophile, or lover of books, you, my friend, have definitely told this lie at least ONCE in your literary life.😍📚💎🌍

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