Book of the Day: Grand Opening 2 by New York Times Bestseller Carl Weber and La Jill Hunt

Today’s book is the eighth installment of The Family Business series by New York Times bestselling author @iamcarlweber and @lacooljill.

The Duncan men have established a name for themselves, but someone is out to seek revenge. If you want to hurt someone, you do it by touching the one they love the most, and for the Duncan men, it’s their mother and. Bettie. When she is kidnapped and remains of her body are found, they are on a mission to make someone pay.

In the midst of all of this LC is offered a position in one of biggest black organizations in the South, which would ultimately lead to more stability for the family.

His brother Lou is not only determined to find his mother’s killer, but something in his gut tells him that she’s not dead. Unfortunately, the only person that believes him is his older brother’s ex-girlfriend.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book for yourself or a friend, you can find it in the Carl Weber or La Jill Hunt section of the Diamond’s Literary World storefront:

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