Freakizm by Forever Redd

Have you read “Freakism” by Forever Redd yet? Here’s a little snippet to wet your whistle:

There was no turning back for, Rico. He wanted to experience the ultimate orgasm, the fantasy that was hidden behind the infamous, “Glory Hole,” was eating him alive. He placed his dark, chocolate dick in the hole and my heart rate increased. I hoped that experience didn’t change him.
As Rico placed his hands on the wall, to steady himself, his knees began to get weak. He attempted to slide his hips back and forth, but by the third stroke, he could hardly stand. Rico tried to pull out, but he couldn’t escape the grip that the Jaws of Life had on him. His body twitched as it was riddled with orgasmic spasms. Tears poured from his eyes and sweat cascaded down his cheeks. Shortly thereafter, he was released from the oral stronghold that was on the other side of that wall. His body went limp and then he fell to the floor. I watched as he laid there gasping for air and struggling to breathe.
“My, my, my stomach,” Rico coughed. “I can’t, I can’t move. I can’t breathe.”
“Rule number three. Man wears the crown, but the woman is the neck. The next time you are told what to do, just do it. Get up,” I huffed.
“Mistress, I can’t, I.”
The crack of the leather whip that I held in my hands silenced his whining. “I didn’t ask if you could. I said get up.”
“Do it, hurt me,” Rico grumbled and he lay sprawled out on the floor. “Do it!”
“Get up!” I demanded once more.
Rico rolled to his side, propped up his knee, then stood on wobbly legs. “Come to me.”
After pulling his boxers over his thighs, Rico started toward me, sluggish and crippled. He was pitiful. He was weak. He was man. As our distance was cleared, Rico and I stood face to face, yet once again. The battle. The flames that burned in his eyes set my pussy on fire, but rather than extinguish the flames, I took his leash and led him out the door.
“Mistress, I…”
“Do not speak,” I interrupted.
The final door was located at the end of the hallway. It was the dungeon to some and a play-ground to others. It was the place where fantasies became reality and you could live out each and every one. A little bit of everything could be found down there and the décor was magnificent.
The large wooden door had been decorated with a curved penis, as a door knocker, and a pair of ben wa balls jingled underneath.
Knock, knock, knock.
“Speak,” a masculine voice said through an open space in the door that revealed nothing, but his mouth.
“It is I, Mistress of Darkness. I have come here with a fallen star. The bright light that he once held, is no longer there. He is one of us and I request permission to enter.”
“If, he is one of us, what sent him astray, Mistress?”
“Me,” I replied. “He is the reason I came to you, broken and blind. He is not whole, nor can he see. May we enter?”
There was no verbal acceptance, but several locks could be heard sliding back to allow us entry. The door creaked open and we crossed the threshold into the devil’s playground. Screams could be heard in the distance, commands being rattled off, and chains being clinked together. It was music to my ears and the click of my seven-inch heels provided the beat.
As I led Rico down the dimly lit hallway, I turned to take a quick glance at his face. He was relaxed, he was cool, he was ready and the swelling forming in his boxer briefs confirmed his ambition.
We reached our destination and the scene was absolutely spectacular. Gray stoned murals and wall torches were littered throughout. Mistresses dressed beautifully, yet naughtily in black, stood stoic and commanded their subjects.
Their subjects, or their victims, were gagged and chained in different areas of the room and in compromising positions. The ones standing were the commanders, the dominant. Five women, including myself, taught lessons, disciplined, and pleased the select few that were chosen to enter our world. One man was allowed to reign, in the presence of the dominant, but even he had to submit to our command. He had a fetish, the taste of a man’s penis. He dated women exclusively and had never been with, nor did he have the desire to be with a man, but there was something about sucking a dick that really got him going. Alphonso, was his name and he was the Jaws of Life.

If you would like to purchase a copy for yourself or a friend, you can find it in the Forever Redd section of the Diamond’s Literary World storefront:

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