The Devil’s Mouth by Forever Redd

Parking her car in the back, to shield her identity from any onlookers, Mercy observed her surroundings and then stepped inside. Once her nose familiarized itself with the stench of oil, dirt, and exhaust, she quickly flashed back to the last time that she was there. Her kitty purred, reminding her that the lioness, lurking behind the black lace panties, was ready to pounce.
Finding Tate sitting behind a desk, littered with old magazines, invoices and a small laptop, Mercy cocked her head to the side and listened. Nothing could be heard throughout the entire building. There were no machines roaring, no footsteps and the only cars out front were the faux business vehicles. She stepped out of her pumps and glided across the floor. The swivel chair that Tate was sitting in immediately spun around and she came face to face with her personal alter. The place where she laid her burdens down.
“Keep on tryna sneak up on me. You gone get sumn hot in that fat ass,” Tate greeted her with a winning smile.
Mercy didn’t respond right away. Instead, she eyed his face, then chest and finally between his legs. “Don’t threaten me with a good time, besides, that’s exactly the reason why I’m here,” she whispered. “For something in this fat ass.”
“Long day? Sounds like you want me to fix it.” Tate rolled the small office chair over to where Mercy was standing and ran his fingertips along the length of her legs. “Talk to me. Tell me about ya day.”
Shivering underneath the gentle touch of his calloused hands, Mercy replied. “I went to see a shrink.”
“Keep talkin’,” Tate said, as he raised her skirt above her thighs.
“I think there is something going on inside my head and I know it can’t be right, or healthy.”
Once Mercy’s skirt had been lifted and her innermost secrets revealed, Tate placed his mouth to the lacy fabric then gave her kitten a tender kiss. One kiss led to two, which led to three and rather than object, or shy away, she took her panties off. Assisting her one leg at a time, Tate took her undergarments from the floor and placed them in his mouth, savoring the secretions that had spilled from her body.
“You taste good,” he whispered. “But I bet you feel even better than you taste. Sit on it.”
Obliging his demands, Mercy turned around and lowered herself onto his lap. Both she and he knew the reason for her visit, so they didn’t bother completely undressing. With her skirt hiked around her waist and his meat exposed, she welcomed her lover inside of her body, by lifting and lowering her hips with precision. When her walls adjusted to accommodate his girth, she bent over and grabbed her ankles, giving him a bird’s eye view of the perfection in her voluptuous ass. Up and down, round and round, she bounced and turned, while he thrust his pelvis upward. When Tate’s pace increased, Mercy knew that he was on the brink of orgasm, so she sat up and placed her back against his chest. Positioning his nose in the nape of her neck, Tate inhaled forcefully. He was breathing so hard, even her chest rose and fell as he heaved.
“Don’t stop,” his warm breath pricked at her earlobe. “Please don’t stop.”
Mercy moaned as confirmation that stopping wasn’t an option, especially when she noticed via her peripheral, Jehovah entering through the back door. An audience excited Mercy, there was no way she was stopping. Turning her head slightly, Mercy acknowledged the presence of, The Shop’s owner, then bit down on her bottom lip as their eyes met. Panting in pure ecstasy, tiny droplets of sweat sparkled against her forehead as she watched him, and he watched them. Mercy was so turned on, she had to touch herself; she had to try and contain the fire that had engulfed her lady parts.
Tate’s thick shaft fulfilled her sexual appetite, but the look in Jehovah’s eyes rendered her famished. With her middle finger betwixt her lower lips, she grinded all over Tate’s dick, while Jehovah stood and stared.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book for yourself or a friend, you can find it in the Forever Redd section of the Diamond’s Literary World Amazon storefront:

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