The Devil’s Mouth by Forever Redd

Have you checked out “The Devil’s Mouth” by Forever Redd?

This, as well as her other books can be found in the Forever Redd section of the Diamond’s Literary World Amazon storefront:

Turning around to face him, she brought her lips to his and savored the taste of his mouth; peppermint and kush. Frederick never deviated from the flavor of his palate, unless it was pussy. As she gently nibbled on his bottom lip, he placed a hand around her throat and forced her back against the wall. With her breath caught in his hand and his dick nestled in hers, once again, they ignored his vows.

Roughly forcing Elizabeth over to the counter, Frederick snatched her pants down and nestled his face in the crack of her ass. Her back formed a stiff arch, then he ripped the panties from her bottom, and forced her chest to the cold countertop. Like a cop, making an arrest, Frederick kicked her feet apart, then licked from the nape of her neck, down to the crack of her ass. He did that shit; that shit that only he could do. Dr. Clinton wasn’t prepared the first time, the second, or any other time and that day was no different.

Allowing his tongue to coast through her womanhood, Frederick slipped a finger, or two, between her cheeks and gently massaged her asshole. Dr. Clinton could feel an internal storm brewing in her lady parts and she knew it wouldn’t be long before the downpour. Frederick knew it too and he slowed his pace. The finger between her cheeks pecked gently at her exit door, while his tongue softly tapped her clit.

Utilizing his free hand, Frederick spread her lower lips and enveloped her pussy in his mouth. Her exit door unlocked and allowed him entry, just as her soul escaped from her opening. Her knees grew weak, the heart palpitations began, and then she slid from the counter onto the floor.

“Anything you wanna say?” Frederick asked, snatching his belt from around his waist.

There was a lot she wanted to say. She wanted to tell him that she knew all about the misfortune with his wife, because she did it. She wanted to scream; leave her, you belong with me, but she didn’t; she didn’t say shit. Rather than speak on her treachery, she watched Frederick slow stroke his dick and bite his bottom lip. He only did the lip biting when he was fucking, or when he was contemplating his next move. Elizabeth knew hers, so she used every bit of strength she could muster and crawled over to him. Kissing his kneecaps licking his thighs, and tickling his balls with the tip of her tongue, she then welcomed him into her mouth.

Grabbing the back of Dr. Clinton’s head, Frederick wrapped his hands in her tresses and pulled her closer to him; leaving her to feel every inch of his meat become one with her throat. It was a task, but Dr. Clinton was on a mission and was willing to do whatever, however, to make him see that his rightful place was with her. She hummed, gagged, choked and slurped, before Frederick’s voice interrupted her mouth music.

“This…is…the…reason.” he panted. “I don’t fuck you up!”

Her eyes popped open. She wanted to question what he was referring to, but the grip he had on the back of her head, wouldn’t allow her to move. “Hm,” she mumbled.

A wicked smile creased his lips. “That mouth is ridiculous,” he whispered, then slowly moved her head against his dick. “I know what you did.”

Closing her eyes, for fear of him seeing her truth, Dr. Clinton appreciated the taste of his manhood and prayed those wouldn’t be his final words.

Staring down at her forehead, Frederick gritted his teeth and grumbled. “Ruin my marriage, I’ll ruin your life,” he said, just before quenching her thirst with his unborn children. #DareToRead #ReddWrites

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