Book Release: Sad Girl by Erick S Gray

Congratulations @egray28!

The devil asked her how she knew her way around the halls of hell, she told him, she didn’t need a map, for the darkness she knew so well. They call her Sad Girl and she believes in monsters. “Oh, Sweetie, monsters are real, and they look like people,” she was told. Her mother died while giving birth to her, and her father abandoned her. She became a product of group homes and foster care. She didn’t just fall through the cracks of neglect, abuse, poverty, and rape. No, she was pushed through. What she wanted was family and affection. She wanted someone to love her despite the hellish and monstrous world she came from. Around the time of her fifteenth birthday, she was placed in a foster home in Brooklyn, and the family that’s supposed to care for her become the ultimate nightmare and she believes that her foster father is something demonic in human form. With contempt for her life, her foster father, and the continued abuse, she develops self-hatred for the skin she was born in. She soon believes that it takes a monster to destroy a monster. Sad Girl takes to the streets and falls in love with a dangerous hustler named Gallo. Gallo takes her under his wings, and together, they become a force to be reckoned with. For, once upon a time, an angel and a devil pressed their hands to their hearts and started the apocalypse.

Download your copy today:

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