Pre-Order: Soldiers of Love-Beautiful Scars by N’Tyse and Untamed

Inspired by true events, Soldiers of Love-Beautiful Scars weaves the imperfect, transcendent, and unforgettable journey of Liberty and Zion in their pursuit to secure the American dream.

Liberty Mae Banks is what Mama had named me. But Zion, he called me  Mrs. Forever. And before that 3a.m. earth-shattering moment, I had accepted the notion that the boy I had admired as a child, and who I had proudly declared my first love, may have only been a figment of my imagination. There was no physical evidence of our love; no traceable record of our history; and no tangible memories that encapsulated the bond we shared. I had even scolded myself for allowing the mental foreplay; because had he belonged to me how I so naively convinced myself, then it would have been his ring on my left finger–but it wasn’t. It was that crippling reminder that taunted me all of these years. Yet and still, I felt buried underneath the emotional wreckage, bleeding internally. I was blaming this invisible boy, the ghost of my past, for the scars etched across my heart. It wasn’t until the bandage slipped off, that the remnants of the boy’s existence, returned — proving decades later, that he was real. Every soldier has a story to tell. This is ours.

Pre-order here >>>

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