Young Lionz by CJ Hudson


“Hello? Hey, baby,” James said to whoever was on the other end. “I know. But check this shit out. I just made a come up. This bitch’s son must be slangin’ or somethin’. This nigga got all kind of bread stashed in his closet. The li’l muthafucka even had a fuckin’ gun in there, too.” Niko’s rage grew by the second as he listened to James talk to his other bitch about him and his mother. “Almost, baby. This nigga gotta have about six or seven thousand dollars here, and I’ma take all of this shit. As soon as I get done fleecin’ this li’l punk, I’ma meet you at the airport so we can take that trip.” Niko gripped the bottle so tight it almost cracked. “Nah, I ain’t worried about that. I drugged her ass up real good, so that bitch ain’t gonna wake up no time soon.” Niko couldn’t take anymore. He stormed up behind James and brought the bottle down on his head with such force it knocked James out instantly. Glass exploded and flew through the air. As James crashed to the floor, blood seeped from his skull and spread out onto the floor. Niko spat on him as he snatched his cell phone off the floor. He put the cell phone to his ear and listened to the woman on the other end as she called James’s name over and over again.

“Sorry to fuck up yo’ plans, bitch, but James’s ass ain’t gonna be able to make that trip.”

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