Pre-Order: Disjointed Custody by Brian W Smith and Elaine Flowers

FB Family, I’m dropping a FIYAH book just in time for the summer! It’s called, Disjointed Custody. What’s unique about this book is that it’s the first time I’ve written a novel where a gay male is the main character. I took on this challenge because I strive to be a well-rounded writer, and this was the type of character I’d never written before. My co-author, Elaine Flowers, wrote his bipolar ex-wife’s character and she “kilt” it. Here is the synopsis:

Co-parenting is hard. When one parent suffers from mental illness, it’s harder. When the other parent is living with his gay lover—whom he left his wife to be with—it becomes close to impossible. What ensues is a battle for full custody that has Melissa and Ryan fighting dirty. In their quest for victory, they lose sight of what’s most important—their beautiful daughter, Suni. Will these two hotheads be able to see beyond their rage and focus on doing what’s best for Suni before their joint custody becomes completely disjointed?

Pre-order the paperback copy of Disjointed Custody from my website at the 20% discount. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Click this link to order NOW:

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