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Jenna Harris is an overworked, underappreciated wife and mom, who takes solace in the fact that her family is whole and her marriage was solid. Her life wasn’t perfect, but it was good, until she discovered her husband was having an affair with his executive assistant–who now says she is pregnant! Jenna’s solid ground cracked and shifted between her feet, and her good life spiraled down the hole it made. Follow Harper Harris, Jenna’s husband’s twisted tale of an affair gone wrong. Will he realize his mistake and make things right with his wife before it’s too late? Watch the d-r-a-m-a unfold, in A Fatal Affair.

What happens when you have a “Magic Jock” that’s not performing? You end up in a standoff between a boss chick and an alpha male. Enter Donique Tyler and Devrick McGregor, two business savvy executives that refuse to fold. When Donique has to enforce the terms of Magic Jock’s contract, Devrick enters to his rescue. But life won’t be that simple during these negotiations. Devrick begins to set his sights on more than just accomplishing the mission … conquest is on his mind. Donique can’t see what could be because she is scarred by what has been. While these two dance with love’s possibilities, ‘Magic Jock’ has decided to take matters into his own hands, and his hands are vengefully reckless. Seeking out to hurt Donique more than life already has, he attempts to show her exactly how he feels. Feast from Famine is a romantic tale of how love and healing can conquer all.

Kassidy, Natalia, and Malachi are an uncomfortable trio. Sometimes your friend loves you for you and then other times loves you for what you offer them. Natalia finds out the hard way what it means when the space in a ménage gets overcrowded.

He saw her and was aroused by her beauty. She saw him and was instantly dampened with curiosity. A simple drink, in a crowded bar, fueled the fire for flames in the bedroom. Alcohol, desire and spontaneity lead two strangers down a trail ending in orgasmic bliss. They shared their bodies, but never their names. In the wake of tomorrow, he wanted her and she wanted him, but all they had were the memories of last night. Soft and warm; hard and rigid was the trail they followed that led them back to the bedroom.

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