Book Review: Cartel 8 (Long Live The Cartel) by Ashley and JaQuavis

The eighth and final installment of the Cartel series is equivalent to the period at the end of a sentence or the last paragraph of a chapter. Years have passed by and we catch up with Breeze, as well as her nephews Mo and CJ aka Carter Jr. Each have lives of their own, but find themselves back in Miami…the place where it started from.

I was happy to find out what became of Miamor, and one of my favorite couples of the series. Thank you for that closure. As for Miss Ashton, you can run but you sure can’t hide Baby Girl!

Now, I have to tell you that this book had me screaming within the first 10 pages, and reaching for a cigarette that wasn’t there, because…I DON’T SMOKE!

I highly recommend this book, but due to a few minor errors, can only give it 💎💎💎💎. Authors @ashleyantoinette and @realjaquavis, “YOU DID THAT!”

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