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This raw, lyrical, compelling, and inspirational historical Memoir is a Gen-X coming-of-age story in which we follow a young biracial teen in her quest for meaning, safety and self-identity, as she navigates growing up black in a dysfunctional, abusive and racist white French-Canadian Catholic family in Maine during the 80’s.

‘Mulatto: Daughter of America details the authors harrowing conversion from enjoying a safe, loved, and protected existence until age 5; after which she was suddenly thrust into a terrifying world of ritualistic child-abuse, childhood sexual abuse, and learned to live with fear. The author takes you into her world when, after leaving her black father, her white mother marries a cruel and sadistic ex-military, white pedophile who breaks up her loving multicultural family and begins a reign of terror that destroys her childhood. After her adoption, she is forced to flee to escape her rejecting dysfunctional family and her twisted mother-daughter relationship when her mother fails to protect her and simply gives her away at age 13.

The reader steps into the authors teenage world and shares her life-shattering growth experiences as she travels across the United States and ends up being shuffled around in an array of foster homes, juvenile halls, halfway houses and experimental schools until her emancipation at age 16.

Discovering her biological father is both African-American and the purported illegitimate son of the late Harlem gangster Bumpy “Ellison” Johnson is a turning point in her life. All of the secrets and lies she was raised under suddenly make sense. She allows herself to fall under the tutelage of her Uncle Mal (“Shorty” ) Jarvis, close childhood best friend of Malcolm X immortalized in Alex Haley’s “Malcolm X”). . Her uncle enters her life at a time when she struggles with self-esteem and self-identity issues and he helps her understand her place in Black culture and history.

This Memoir is about adolescent struggle, yearning, and dreams. The author’s ultimate survival and success attests to the power of the human spirit to transcend years of abuse, pain and struggle. The book details, through trial and error, how the Author managed to overcome every obstacle put in her path and still manage to achieve a personal transformation that enables her to realize her dreams. Her story proves that a horrific past does not have to determine ones future. Her Memoir is a blue-print for how to develop self-esteem through prayer, music, books; the importance of role models and building self-confidence one step at a time.

This is a must-read inspiring Survivor Story for Teens and Adults alike! Perfect gift or weekend read!

MULATTO: DAUGHTER OF AMERICA: A Historical African-American Memoir https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F3M799B/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_CZEuFbS7WXVQA

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