The Fury are coming to Nashville!

Nashville, Tennessee is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Known for country music, the Grand Old Opry, hot chicken, the Titans and the Predators, the newest franchise NBA team would be added to the list. The Fury were launching their inaugural year and the team is about to heat up the city.

Basketball isn’t the only thing going on with the team. The players, owners, and other members of the staff have personal lives that aren’t always as glamorous as they portray. Love, lies, and drama. Everybody has some in their lives, athletes and those around them are no different.

Kier Keeling is a busy mom with a fulfilling career and a long-distance love she wouldn’t trade for anything. Her business life gets hectic when the marketing firm where she works gets the contract to work with the Nashville Fury. She knows one of the players personally but hasn’t seen him since graduate school. She was hoping things stayed that way.

Reichen Brandt had been in the League for four years. His career was red-hot, everything he worked for his entire life. He was riding high and he was determined to live life and stay on top. When he’s asked to join the Nashville Fury, he jumps at the chance to build a brand-new team and see what a new city has to offer.

What happens when you run into the person that you never expected to see again? What do you do when things you never expected come to light? Everyone has something they regret or want to hide. The question is will they be able to handle answers that are revealed when they find out everything they missed?


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