In Too Deep is now a standalone with all four books in one book.
In Too Deep: The Kennedy Family is an urban mystery by National Best-Selling Author, NAKO. Jacob Kennedy, leader of The Kennedy Family, is known in the underground as TKF. Jacob was never interested in settling down until he met the love of his life.
After a million-dollar wedding that had the streets talking for months, five children, and a few fairytales in between, all hell breaks loose when his wife is found gunned down in the middle of the street.
Jacob went to war to get to the bottom of who would even think about harming his wife, being that he had no beef with anyone.
The Kennedy Family was devastated, but no one hurt more than Jacob’s children, Sienna, Savannah, JJ, Jordan, and baby Savona.
Nako, the author of The Underworld series and The Connect’s Wife, has penned a book series so gritty and riveting that readers will hang on to every page in anticipation of wanting to solve the mystery and discover the hidden truth surrounding the death of Jackie Kennedy. It was unfair to be left alone without their mother, and once a few layers are peeled back, the children will bond together to bring justice for their mother.
But what happens when loyalty is put to the ultimate test? When blood isn’t always thicker than water, can their relationships withstand the late nights and early mornings that come along with being a Kennedy?
What if being a part of this family is a burden more than a blessing?
The money and fame don’t impress everyone, especially not Savona, who’d rather be broke and, in the streets, than belong to The Kennedy clan.

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