Book Review: What’s Best For Me by Danesha Little

Book 3 of the Unapologetically Me Series focuses on the situationship between R & B’s Ladies Man, Darian Russell and free spirit, Chanel Henderson. What started out as a one-night fantasy, soon became more…much more. Problem is, they’re both in denial and dealing with baggage that could ultimately destroy them.

If you thought Fatima and Jaren took you on a roller-coaster ride, you better strap on your seat belt and check it twice, because this one is a doozy!

I loved the underlying theme of brotherhood in this book, but was so bothered by Autumn’s behavior toward her so-called best friend, Chanel.

I highly recommend this 💎💎💎💎💎 book, as well as the series by @dlittlewriter. I promise, you’re going to want to talk about it when you’re done.

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