*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is the 4th installment of the Unapologetically Me Series by @dlittlewriter.

Just as life was beginning to make sense for Chanel Henderson, she is now scrambling to pick up the pieces as she heals from the only love that she’s ever known. Focused on moving forward with her life, she learns that her new journey is filled with even more unexpected challenges as her past continues to follow her.

Still recovering from the pain of his second heartbreak, Darian Russell puts all of his energy into his music. Just when he thinks he is over the relationship, his life is forever changed when he learns the truth behind their break-up.

This book is the sequel and conclusion to “What’s Best For Me” and the fourth book in the “Unapologetically Me” series. Please be warned that there is explicit language, sexual scenes, and sensitive topics covered.

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