*Book of the Day*

In keeping with the theme of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, today’s book comes from @lorynlandon.

Being guarded is an understatement when it comes to Grace who has had to experience major losses in her life back to back. After losing her baby girl and the love of her life at the same time, she has become accustomed to losing the people closest to her and as a result, she has shielded herself from building bonds and relationships with people for fear of getting hurt again. But when she presses the reset button on her life, she winds up meeting Malik who shows true, genuine interest in her from day one. Due to Grace’s past, she remains guarded even though she begins to feel something for Malik.
However, her guarded demeanor almost pushes him away. After some deep soul searching and some advice from those close to her, she comes to realize that Malik might be the one who could help her move forward in her life. So, she decides to take a leap of faith by opening up and letting Malik in.
From the outside looking in, Malik comes across as every woman’s dream guy. He has a lucrative job, good looks, charming personality and he exudes confidence. When Malik first sees Grace, he instantly falls in love with her and is dead set on making Grace his lady. He remains patient and consistent with Grace, understanding that she has been hurt before; just the type of woman he wants in his life. Malik isn’t all that he appears to be though. A wolf in sheep’s clothing would be the perfect description for the type of person that Malik embodies. Being an expert at playing mind games and a total womanizer, Malik is able to hide his true self just long enough to eventually win Grace over… but how long will he be able to hide his true identity from Grace?
Will Grace be able to save herself from getting hurt by Malik before it’s too late? Or will she allow Malik’s suave personality and good looks to win her over causing her more hurt than she could have ever imagine? Find out in…Silent Cries for Help…

If you would like to purchase a copy for yourself or a friend, you can find it in the Domestic Violence Awareness section of Diamond’s Literary World Amazon storefront:


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