Book Review: Short Stories: The Autobiography of Columbus Short

Best known for his role as Harrison, alongside @kerrywashington in the ABC prime time drama Scandal, and later our beloved Quadir in the book-to-film “True to the Game”, @officialcshort is very open, honest and candid in this book.

He addressed everything from his childhood to his relationship with his mother (then stepfather), to forming lifelong friendships with the likes of @meagangood, etc. He takes the reader on a journey thru his resume, including choreography for Britney Spears, and his roles in Stomp The Yard and Cadillac Records. Thru his words, I learned about Method acting and how it can become an extended part of your life…if you let it. Racism in Hollywood is also something that was addressed, but somehow, I wasn’t surprised.

If you’re wondering about the tumultuous things that you may have read in the headlines or saw on the blogs, about his addictions and marriages, well then yes…he addresses those, too. What I took away from this is…there’s always a more to the story than what we’re told and, for every action…there is a reaction.

I went into this book knowing nothing, and walked away with a newfound respect for Columbus…the husband, father and man. I recommend this 💎💎💎💎💎book to anyone looking for a good read.

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