*Book of the Day*

Because the literary industry got dealt a double blow yesterday, our second book comes from veteran author @brooklyn_jun. Continue to Rest In Paradise.🕊

Carlos Santana is a financially successful man who owns a slew of thriving businesses in the Bronx, NY. He is well respected in his community because of his financial power but also feared because he is a ruthless kingpin who is the sole drug distributor in the Bronx. He loves the power and respect he has but not more than his love for Nina Santana, his wife, who has no idea of his involvement in drugs.
Nina Santana’ s picture perfect life comes to a crashing halt when DEA agents unexpectedly raid her home and arrest Carlos on multiple felony charges. She is in complete shock and in a move of desperation to help she unwittingly gives up evidence against him that threatens to bury him in jail. Nina reluctantly flees the country as a form of damage control and lands in the middle of a life she never imagined. The luxury and extravagance doesn’t compare to the death and destruction she faces.
Attempts on her life, frozen bank accounts, murder and betrayal plague Nina then she and her new friend Esmerelda form an alliance. She goes back to the Bronx where she immediately hits the ground running and implements a tightly run international drug regime.
Nina makes enemies because of her unorthodox cut throat business practice but doesn’t care because her only focus is her love for Carlos and making money quick enough to free him. When he is finally released there will be mind blowing secrets revealed from love to betrayal and all unanswered questions will be resolved in the explosive ending of the International Regime.

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