After accepting her husband’s last name, Karina Newsome, never expected her life to take a turn for the worst. She gave her heart to Ivan Newsome, with hopes of living a long life of happiness, but unfortunately, he’d turned her world upside down. Karina is left devastated, with a heart so damaged that she considers murdering Ivan. However, her conscience won’t allow her to go through with it; so, she seeks a divorce as the next best option.

While preparing for her separation, she learns that the CEO of the company she works for is retiring and his son, Brandon Vapor, is taking over. Karina kept her lust for Brandon a secret for years, as she’d always respected her marriage. But now as a free woman, Karina can’t help but test the waters with Brandon. Will she succeed in finding a healthy home for her heart to reside, or will she drown while testing the waters too soon?

Kylie had always been by her best friend, Ryan’s side, even after he moved out of his drug addict mother’s home to better himself. When a situation occurs that forces Kylie to stay away from her sister’s home, she moves in with Ryan, and with them being so close, it makes it hard for their hidden feelings not to be revealed. As their young hearts fall in love, Ryan is secretly hiding his addiction to painkillers, while silently suffering from an unknown sickness he’s been fighting for years. Not wanting to worry Kylie with his illness, he relies on his longtime friend, Ashley, to keep him stocked with meds. But when Ashley decides to confess her feelings for Ryan, their situation becomes extremely complicated.

They say true love shall never remain a part, and if only the strong survives, who will remain with a lonely heart?


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