Book Review: Trouble in Rio by Carl Weber and MT Pope

Feeling unappreciated, Rio Duncan decides to take a much-needed getaway, and ends up in Baltimore, Maryland. Here, he finds friends and potential love, but he also encounters something he least expects…danger.

Cory is the son of a well-known street hustler, who has suddenly found himself in charge of his father’s business, and the popular nightclub Wet Dreamz. Life is good, but he is hiding a secret, that may potentially end in death.

Pierre is the owner of another popular nightclub, Oz, which caters to the alternative nightlife. His search of party favors, may buy him more than he has bargained for.

I recommend this 💎💎💎💎 book by New York Times bestselling author @iamcarlweber and @mtpope, is a little different than the other books in the series. This one primarily focuses on Rio, the eccentric twin of Paris. We are introduced to yet a different side of Rio, and when times look rough, help comes a calling.

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