*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is a Christmas novel by @nikkimichelle1984 and @kaileakes.

Sojourner Falls was in trouble…For two-hundred years, Sojourner Falls has been a safe haven for Black-Americans looking to escape the ills of racism. The once lively town used to boast of joyous times and festive holidays, but after years of bad economic downfalls and low tourist turnouts, the town was going under…until a twist of fate and the love of the Ancestors, turned things around in the small town.

A year later and Caridade Percy has decided to come back home for good. Sojourner Falls needed her, and more than ever, she now understood that charity started at home. What she hadn’t expected was for a secret from her past to follow her to Sojourner Falls, and she definitely didn’t expect to still be head over heels in love with the man who broke her heart all those years ago, Dr. Hunter Martyn.

Hunter Martyn had always been a no-nonsense kind of man. Things had always been black and white, yes or no, you do, or you don’t with no gray areas in between. So why he couldn’t get his feelings in check when it came to Caridade Percy baffled him, but nothing was more baffling than his Uncle Vincent showing up with a son who was more like Hunter than he cared to admit.

The Elders are still up to their old tricks, but the town is welcoming the changes being made to Sojourner Falls. Not everyone is on board though. Mayor Stacy Davenport is still trying to steal the town right from under the residents.

Sojourner Falls has seen it’s fair share of drama, but nothing prepares the people of the town for the secrets that will be exposed this holiday season.

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