*Book of the Day*

In acknowledgement of Black History Month, today’s book comes from @dwaynevern.

Sable, a male slave who worked in the fields of the Williams’ Plantation, wanted his freedom more than anything. He had had enough of the humiliation and indignity to his spirit and abuse of his body, and now that slaves were fleeing to the North, day after day he contemplated running away. It consumed him.

His life becomes entangled with the male house slave, Jacob, and a bond develops between the two of them — far more than a friendship. Sable persuades Jacob to flee from the South and run to the North to find freedom with him.

Abigale, another slave on the Williams’ Plantation, has had all of her children sold, as well as her husband. She knew she would never see them again, thus there was nothing to keep her loyal to the massa or the plantation. She joins Sable and Jacob on their journey to freedom.

During their escape and on their journey to freedom, they begin to encounter obstacles and many heartbreaks from their pasts that plague their thoughts, and that could possibly affect their future.

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