*Book of the Day*

In acknowledgement of Women’s History Month, today’s book is a classic from @authorshatayasimms.

Based in the Philadelphia suburbs, Living Anonymous chronicles the young-adult life of Aneesah Bradshaw. Abandoned by her drug addicted mother and absentee father, nine-year-old Aneesah is forced to live with her foster family in Ardmore, PA. Behind the picket fence in this middle class suburb, lies a dark secret of child abuse and neglect, until one day Aneesah befriends Capree Johnson who saves Aneesah from that nightmare. Life is sweet living with the Johnson family, led by music tycoon Kevin “KJ” Johnson founder of iLLADELPHIA Records. Going from rags to riches overnight, Aneesah is thrust into the glamourous life of a pampered princess, until she is faced with a life changing blow. Betrayed by the one person she thought would never hurt her, Aneesah journeys out into the world on her own where she meets James Hennessey aka Nyce, and is instantly intoxicated by his love. However, secrets, lies, broken bonds, and deceit continue to follow her, interrupting her seemingly picture perfect life and plaguing her relationship with Nyce who follows a strict code of Living Anonymous.


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