*Book of the Day*

In acknowledgement of Women’s History Month, today’s book is from @_latoyachandler_.

Could you survive when life is set on punishing you for existing? When you’re backed up against the wall, do you continue to fight, or do you crumble in defeat? Secrets are revealed, betrayal is exposed, trust is damaged, and bonds are broken. Can Candice succeed when all the odds are stacked against her?

“In my family, misery didn’t just love company; it wanted hostages!”

All Candice Brown ever wanted was to belong, but when your mom resents you, that’s not a reality. Turmoil seems to follow Candice. She dreams of feeling the one thing she lacks in her life–love–but love only leaves Candice alone as a teenage mother.

Being sent away by her mom seems like the escape she needs, but is it? She is placed with a case manager who appears to be a source of solace and acceptance, but who, in reality, could leave Candice more damaged than she already is.


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