*Book of the Day*

In acknowledgement of Women’s History Month, today’s book comes from @niaforrester.

It was obvious they were all wrong for each other . . . Riley is a socially-conscious boho writer living in New York who likes to write about “important issues” and plans to win the Pulitzer before she turns thirty. When her boss gives her the last-minute assignment to interview Shawn, a rap star she is less than pleased. But their mutual attraction is too potent to ignore. Despite her better judgment, they embark on a modern friends-with-benefits relationship. Facing down opposition from their friends and family, Riley and Shawn’s relationship deepens and becomes something much more profound than either of them anticipated. As they try to navigate their differences, and the challenges posed by his career in the misogynistic world of hip-hop, they begin to wonder whether they have what it takes to stay together or might not be better off apart.


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