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Swearing loudly, Patrick snatched up all the photos on the table and stood up shaking his head.
“I thought you were smarter than this. You animals love being locked away in cages. So be it. I’ll get you your lil lawyer. But I’m telling you right now, I will make sure the DA prosecutes you to the fullest extent of the law. You won’t get out until you need a walker.”
Detective O’Neil then walked towards the door. Right before walking out the door, he looked back at Zahir and growled, “stupid nigger” and slammed the door behind him.
As soon as he was alone, Zahir exhaled and begin to breathe aggressively. He’d been holding his breath in an attempt to keep himself from losing his composure. From his racist rants and threats to those he cared for, the detective pushed his emotional control to its limits. As he tried to steady his breathing, Zahir could hear the echo of a familiar laugh outside the interrogation room’s door.
Wait a minute, ain’t no fucking way!
The door swung open and Cain walked through the door smiling, followed by Detective O’Neil and CPD superintendent, Brian Brown. They all seemed to be enjoying each other’s company as if they were “day ones” having a good laugh at Zahir’s expense.
What the fuck?
Looking at Zahir with pride, Cain said, “I told you this one was special.”
Nodding in agreement, the superintendent responded, “Yeah, you were right. Cause Patrick laid it on thick, didn’t he?”
Suddenly, Cain seemed to be searching his memory as his eyes moved back and forth. Without warning, he reached for Patrick’s head and forcefully slammed his head on the metal desk. He then placed his forearm on his neck and leaned all of his weight on the detective’s neck. Patrick squealed in horror as he felt himself suffocating as his neck gave way to Cain’s weight. Zahir looked on in shock as he watched the violent exchange between Cain and the detective. As the detective groaned in pain from Cain’s weight slowly cutting off his airflow the superintendent did nothing to stop a known drug dealer from assaulting a detective in his presence.
Cain suddenly leaned down closer to Patrick’s ear and growled, “If I ever hear you call Zahir a nigger again, I will severe your head from your fat greasy Irish body, understood?”
Forcing himself to respond before he passed out, Patrick whined, “Yes sir.”
Getting up while shoving the detective head across the table, Cain responded, “Good boy.”
Cain adjusted his peacoat jacket and pointed at Zahir and ordered, “Get them cuffs off my boy!”
The superintendent quickly sprung into action and scurried over to remove the cuffs from Zahir’s wrist. A few minutes later, while continuously apologizing for the inconvenience of his arrest, the superintendent and Patrick informed Zahir that the substance in his bag was in fact blue M&M candies instead of the suspected designer drug Xstacy. After handing the backpack to Zahir, the superintendent quickly escorted Cain and Zahir outside of the police station.





Shadow of A Jackal, coming summer 2021

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