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Destructive: /dəˈstrəktiv/ – causing great and irreparable harm or damage.

Mesmerizing. Watching a show performed by Chaka Brooks embodied the term. Using her charm, she regularly held men under her spell as Illusion, an exotic dancer in Chicago. Her checkered past full of conflict and pain held no bearing in her present circumstances. Free to love life on her own terms, Chaka pushed her previous existence to the back of her mind and focused on the possibilities of her future. Until the night she disappeared without a trace.

Asha Brooks walked into Black Mamba P.I. in hopes of hiring someone to help find her sister, Chaka. The police were no help, it wasn’t a secret how they felt about the disappearance of another black woman from the south side. Knowing her situation might be hopeless, Jason assigned her case to the handsomely rude, mentally unstable detective that he knew could get the job done no matter what: Dickie Johnson.

Convinced that women were placed on earth strictly for his entertainment, Dickie Johnson rotated through women as often as the opportunity presented itself. As a war veteran suffering from PTSD, Dickie was leery of allowing anyone the opportunity to get too close. When Jason put him on the Chaka Brooks case, he automatically assumed it was open and shut. A missing stripper usually meant two things: she either ran off or was dead. Meeting her sister Asha gave him the incentive to dig deeper than what was on the surface.

They say opposites attract. But when two damaged people meet, the result is electrifying. What happens when the details surrounding Chaka’s disappearance reveal a destructive obsession from the past? Will Dickie and Asha’s budding relationship survive the kidnapper’s ill intentions for control?

Your copy —–> https://amzn.to/2L9t7Cm

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