*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is actually a novella by @authorblove and @blovepublications.

When Leigha Dixon left Crimson Trails almost four years ago she didn’t have any plans of returning. Leigha didn’t want to be a part of her town’s betrothal tradition, and she wanted to create her own path in life. After years of walking down the path of heartbreak, Leigha finally decided to come home and give her parents the chance to find her husband for her.

When Christensen James moved to Crimson Trails four years ago his family had only one thing in mind – capitalizing on the location to bring in new business for their family. It wasn’t until they’d settled into their new lives in Crimson Trails that they learned of the tradition of arranged marriages. With Christensen being the ladies’ man that he is, he sees absolutely no point in agreeing to an arranged marriage… until he witnesses the love and happiness his sister finds because of it.

Both Christensen and Leigha have been given the title ‘wild child’, and neither of them believe their parents will be able to match them with the loves of their lives, but after their first encounter with each other their minds begin to change. Even with their love blooming, Leigha’s painful past hovers over their present, and if she doesn’t get it under control it may ruin both of their futures.

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