Intellectual Ink Magazine


Welcome to AUGUST!! Known worldwide as one of the hottest months of the Summer, we wanted to make it absolutely true with this month’s issue of Intellectual Ink Magazine. We hope y’all are ready because this month we have blazing our cover (see what we did there?), the bestselling author K’wan, and our very own Fashion and Beauty Editor Charlotte from Charlotte’s Closet. This dynamic duo is making their dreams a reality but not without struggle and progress. Read all about what makes their relationship sizzle (teehee) and how they keep the flames burning (there we go again with the puns). Interviews with Poet, Author, Mentor Asha “Purple Reign” Watson and Jimmetta Carpenter of write2be magazine burn the pages of #WriteNews. Not to be outdone, we have an awesome feature for #BossUp. We catch up with Cassandra Durham of the Black Girl Candle Company and speak with her about how she keeps the fires of her brand burning and uber-successful. Of course, our staples smolder as well with our monthly horoscopes, book reviews and awkward awesome advice finishing off this awesome issue. So, pour some wine, spark a stogie and be prepared to be set on fire (Ok that was the last one! LOL). Intellectual Ink Magazine now publishes monthly online and in print. Our magazine features a wide array of articles and stories from best-selling authors as well as aspiring writers. With an insight into the literary industry at the forefront of our magazine and life as the backdrop, we aim to inspire, educate, and encourage.

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