Congratulations @iamgenesiswoods!

One night stands, second chances, friends to lovers, and a sexy new neighbor are just some of the troupes you will enjoy in this anthology. Sprinkle in some drama, steamy sex scenes, and a few happily ever afters and you have the perfect R&B mixtape escape.

Cassette Tapes & Heartbreak is a collection of short stories filled with love and the true essence of romance

Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)
It’s a quarter past three for these two sexy singles who meet in a night club, what’s it gonna be?

We Can’t Be Friends
Can a platonic relationship really exist between two people who are still in love with each other?

On My Own
Letting go of the man you were once head over heels in love with can be very hard to do.

The G-Spot
Sex ain’t never felt better.

I Think That I Should Be
Love can be a tricky thing, especially when you give the wrong person your heart.

Kool Kid
Friends always tend to make the best lovers.

Off Your Hands
One man’s trash often times becomes another man’s treasure.

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