Book Review: Ethic 4 by Ashley Antoinette

The fourth installment of Ethic introduces the readers to a softer side of it’s namesake. The once hardened and reserved Ethic, is slowly letting his guard down to allow love and faith in. Alani got that nose wide open y’all!

Meanwhile, everything is going well in Mo and Messiah’s world, until it ain’t! There’s a secret that’s been hovering over their relationship that’s about to shake the table! My heart couldn’t take it, and apparently…neither could Morgan’s.

I finally got to meet Pastor Nyair, after hearing so much about him, and I think I like him. There’s a certain familiarity about him.

Now, there are three relationships that I need to keep a closer eye on…Aria and Isa, Nannie and Larry, and Henny and Bella. Something tells me that we haven’t heard the end of them.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this 💎💎💎💎💎 read by New York Times bestselling author @ashleyantoinette. This series will be one of the ones that they will still be talking about 20 years from now.

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