Book Review: No Boundaries by Allison Hobbs

Jaguar, a recent graduate from law school, is working odd jobs to survive until his internship begins. Women literally throw themselves at him, but he is determined to get to know one woman named Fonia. Little does he know, she comes with an attachment that may prove deadly.

From a very young age, Finished witnessed her mother being chastised by her boss, which somehow makes her curious. When she finally gets her opportunity to become a part of a secret life, it’s more than what she bargained for.

These two encounter a chance meeting and can’t stop thinking about one another. Will they be enough for one another, as they experience a life with no boundaries?

Once again, I enjoyed the way @allisonhobbsbestsellingauthor told this 💎💎💎💎💎 story. When I found out who the hostess of the sex parties was, I was pleasantly surprised. I recommend this book for fans of the underworld.

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