Best Books Read in 201

I’ve read some amazing books this year and want to share them with you.

*PLEASE NOTE: Books listed in no particular order.

Best Books Read in 2021:

  1. Grown by @writeinbk
  2. My Mama’s Drama by @lajillhuntreadsnreels
  3. Yellow Wife by @sadeqasays
  4. Role Play by @tushonda
  5. The Marriage Pass by @bcoleauthor
  6. Loving Donovan by @bernicelmcfadden
  7. Gold Blooded by @the_tymarshall_era
  8. Concrete Rose by @angiethomas
  9. Ethic 4 by @ashleyantoinette
  10. Animal 5: Executioner’s Song by @kwan_iamlegend
  11. Mrs. Wiggins by Mary Monroe
  12. Innoxent by @novelistblacctopp
  13. Love UnCharted by @lovebelvin
  14. Last Stop From Innocence by @bytakerraallen
  15. Business Casual by @authordanielleallen
  16. Justified by De’Nesha Diamond and @bcoleauthor

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